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Jose D. Riquelme

Do you want to learn how to edit landscape photos from an internationally acclaimed photographer? You've come to the right place!

I’m Jose D. Riquelme, a world-renowned landscape photographer, and I’m presenting you with my 4 completely free landscape photo editing videos.

In these videos, I’ll teach you how to professionally edit landscape photos, using Photoshop tools to achieve maximum visual impact. You’ll learn how to correct exposure, white balance, and apply creative effects to bring your photos to life. The video level is medium-high, so some basic Photoshop knowledge is recommended.

With over 10 international awards and recognitions, including “Amazing Clouds” at the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2022, “Photographer of the year 2021″ in the night category of the 35awards, and a gold medal at the Pano Epson Awards, you can be sure you’re learning from someone with experience and recognition in the field of landscape photography.

Don’t miss the chance to improve your landscape photo editing skills with these free videos! Sign up now and get immediate access to this valuable information. I assure you, you’ll see the difference in your photos!”

Consecutive Gold Medals at TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT
Consecutive years among the 3 best landscape and night landscape photographers in the 35 awards with an average participation of 120,000 people.
Photographs in top 101 of International Landscape Photographer of the Year

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