Are you passionate about photography and adventure? Our Photography Workshop in Las Vegas offers the perfect opportunity to combine these passions and explore not only the vibrant city of Las Vegas but also iconic natural wonders like Death Valley, Page, and Kanab. Designed for enthusiasts of all levels, this workshop invites you to capture the essence of these emblematic places through your lens.

Why choose this workshop?

This workshop goes beyond the bright neon lights and unique architecture of Las Vegas. It takes you on a photographic journey to some of the most impressive natural landscapes in the United States, providing a rich and diverse experience in photographic themes and techniques.

What you’ll learn:
  • Urban and landscape photography techniques: From the vibrant urban life of Las Vegas to the desert landscapes of Death Valley and the rocky formations in Page.
  • Nature photography: Capture the serene beauty of Kanab and its surroundings, a hidden treasure for nature photographers.
  • Editing and post-processing: Enhance your photos with advanced editing skills to take your images to the next level.
Photographic Destinations
  • Death Valley: With its vast salt flats and sand dunes, it offers a dramatic setting for landscape photography.
  • Page: Known for Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, Page is a photographer’s dream, offering incredible colors and natural structures.
  • Kanab: A starting point for exploring several national parks and monuments, known for its stunning natural beauty.
Workshop Details
  • Theoretical and practical sessions: Learn in the classroom and apply your knowledge on photographic expeditions to some of the most iconic places.
  • Personalized feedback: Receive constructive feedback to continually improve.
  • Community: Connect with other photographers and share your experiences.
Get Ready for the Adventure

This workshop is an invitation to explore, experience, and express yourself. No matter your skill level, you will discover something new and exciting at each destination.

How to Join

Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and personalized experience. For more details about the program, pricing, and how to enroll, visit our website Ice Monkey Tours.